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STEM Launch K-8 Uniform Dress Code

Students are expected to wear a STEM Launch shirt (t-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt) along with black or khaki pants. Capris, shorts, or skirts that are black or khaki may also be worn (see length guidelines below). Blue jeans are permitted on Fridays. Student IDs are required for students in grades 5-8 (lanyards provided). Students are expected to dress in a way that contributes to a safe and orderly school environment. 

  • Shorts or skirts must be at least fingertip length when arms are resting at sides per district policy

  • Clothes should fit appropriately and the body should be sufficiently covered so as to avoid distracting others or otherwise disrupting the learning environment

  • No sweatshirt hoods worn indoors

  • STEM Launch zip-up hoodies must remain zipped unless a STEM Launch t-shirt is underneath 

  • Outside jackets and non-STEM Launch sweatshirts must be taken off and put in lockers at the beginning of the day

  • No hats, caps, or sunglasses worn indoors

  • No exposed underwear or “sagging” of pants

*The faculty and staff of STEM Launch reserve the sole right to interpret and enforce the student dress code based on district policy. Students who violate the dress code will be required to take off the item and/ or change into and wear a borrowed school uniform for the day, call home for appropriate clothing to be brought to school for them, or be sent home. Repeat dress code violations may result in further disciplinary consequences.

Middle School Physical Education Classes Uniform

  • STEM Launch t-shirt, athletic shorts, comfortable athletic shoes

(Elementary students do not change for PE, but should wear comfortable shoes for movement.)

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms will be available for purchase in the STEM Launch main office M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Uniform donations can also be picked up at these times and uniform exchange requests will be honored based on availability.  Social distancing and face masks are required for uniform purchasing. Additional uniform purchasing dates will be posted when we know our return to school plan.

  • Zip-up Hoodies $25.00 limited supplies

  • Pullover Hoodies $20.00 limited supplies

  • Crew Sweatshirt $15.00

  • Polo shirts $12.00

  • T-Shirts $10.00

*Cash or Check only.

*Most shirts available in black, blue, or gray. 

*We will have plenty of t-shirts and crew sweatshirts in stock. If we run low on any inventory we will post a link for parent orders. 

Click  here to order uniforms.

(See pictures below)