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Parent Communication Guidelines

STEM Launch K-8 Parent Communication Guidelines:

• Demonstrate respect in both what is said and how it is said.

• Keep an open mind. Be positive and flexible. Ask questions first.

• Be mindful of the amount of time an individual concern may take to solve.

• Demonstrate public support for one another. Convey the message that parents and teachers are on the same team.

• Schedule appointments if a discussion is needed instead of raising concerns in public settings, especially when faculty and staff are outside for supervision.

• Keep in mind that voicemail and e-mail are public documents and that confidentiality cannot always be protected.

• Know that e-mails sent to Adams 12 employees are considered ‘findable evidence’ in a court of law. A great rule of thumb is that you should not say or write anything that you wouldn’t want to be published.

• Be aware that verbal, physical or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.