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STEM Launch goes to Rocky Mountain National Park

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STEM Launch goes to Rocky Mountain National Park

In a remarkable showcase of collaborative learning and inventive problem-solving, eighth-grade students from Adams 12 Five Star Schools recently took their education beyond the confines of their classrooms. Engaging in a unique "Blame the Flame" Problem-Based Learning Unit, students embarked on a journey that connected them with the Future of Forests (FoF) curriculum by CIRES Education & Outreach.

Generous funding from CU Boulder's Office of Outreach and Engagement empowered these bright minds from Thornton to extend their learning experience to the majestic setting of Rocky Mountain National Park. The picturesque landscapes provided a perfect backdrop for their exploration and creative endeavors.

At the heart of this initiative was a panel presentation where students presented their ingenious solutions to a distinguished audience comprising experts from CU Boulder, National Parks and Wildlife Officers, North Metro Firefighters, and UCAR employees, among others. Their presentations were met with awe and commendation, showcasing their dedication, innovative thinking, and mastery of STEM concepts.

Following this impactful panel, Jordan Denning, the dedicated eighth-grade science teacher, and Felicia Evans, the STEM Coordinator, conducted a comprehensive debriefing session alongside Jonathan Griffith from CU Boulder. The aim was twofold: to refine the curriculum based on the insights gleaned from student learning and to expand upon the information presented in the attached story published by CIRES.

This endeavor exemplifies the ethos of Adams 12 Five Star Schools, which prides itself on forging meaningful partnerships with institutions of higher education to foster an environment that continually engages and inspires its students. Through these collaborative efforts, students are not just learning within the walls of a classroom but are actively involved in real-world problem-solving, cultivating skills that will serve them well into the future.

This experience serves as a testament to the power of education coupled with practical, hands-on learning, showcasing the immense potential of young minds when given the opportunity to explore, innovate, and collaborate in the realm of STEM. The impact of this initiative is poised to resonate positively within the community and beyond, heralding a bright future for these budding scientists and innovators from Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Please refer to this article as well:

This story exemplifies our ELEVATE Focus Area: Outside-the-Classroom Learning. Sharing stories about how the district offers students multiple learning opportunities outside the traditional classroom providing various pathways to success.

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