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Gifted and Talented Testing

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Here are some descriptions for the different domains. 

Intellectual Ability/Academic Aptitude

General intellectual ability is the potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level, which is usually reflected in extraordinary performance in a variety of cognitive areas, such as abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, social awareness, memory, nonverbal ability and the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information; as well as a consistently outstanding mental capacity as compared to children of one's age experience, or environment.

Specific academic aptitude means possessing either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in one or very few related, specific academic areas significantly beyond the age, experience or environment of one's chronological peers (such as in math and/or science). This is usually shown through advanced achievement scores in one or more areas.

Creative/Productive/Divergent Thinking

Creative students can be recognized by their imaginative thinking ability, and their ability to come up with many, varied, and unusual responses to problems or questions. They solve problems, see problems others do not see, see connections among seemingly unrelated concepts and ideas, find humor in many situations, are imaginative, and/or make adaptations or improvements on ideas and things. They are non-conformists, taking intellectual risks and always thinking, "What if?" [This area is more related to pergent, ‘outside the box’ thinking, NOT artistic ability.]


Students with leadership potential articulate ideas well, orally and/or in written form, have clear opinions on actions and ideas to pursue, and are able to convince others to carry them out. Leaders may be quiet or extroverted. They are skilled at bringing structure to activities on which they are working, at following through, and at cooperating and getting others to cooperate.

Visual arts, performing arts, spatial or musical abilities

Artistically-identified students exhibit exceptional ability in art, music or drama as demonstrated by high-level products and/or performances in the talent areas. Artistic students are good at role-playing and acting out situations, are sensitive to rhythm, melody and differences in musical tone, or are able to arrive at unique and unconventional solutions to artistic problems.


If you are moving to STEM Launch from another Adams 12 school your students Advanced Learning Plan and Gifted status will transfer with them.