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Challenge Math Questions for November!

GT will be hosting Challenge Math again this year.  This is open to all students k-8.  Things will look a little different this year.  

  • We will have one question per month. 
  • It will be given out the 1st of the month and students will have until the 15th to submit it. 
  • One winner will be selected each month for every grade level band (k-2, 3-4, 6-8). 
  • All questions will be Math Exemplars. 
  • Students will have to show work with each answer as well as have a written portion explaining their thinking.

​See the attachments below for your grade level.

New this year!!  We will also be hosting a writing challenge each semester.   The first challenge will be announced on October 15th.  Students will have until November 22nd to submit their work.   One winner will be selected from each grade level.  Every completed piece of work submitted with earn an out of uniform day.    
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