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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Site

Please click above to access the new Remote Learning Site

General information

Setting up your child's accounts:

RAZ Kids:  English   Spanish       username is your child's first name, password is their student ID number

Imagine Learning: setup        Username: Student ID, Password: 1234, Side Code: 0806900

Class Dojo Portfolio: from App  or computer

Gmail acount:   English     Spanish  You will need your child's student ID number and the password: Abcd1234 to get their gmail set up. 

Additional resources

Kinder Links   Common Questions  Answers (to the best of our knowledge at this time)


how to use on phone App or Computer

How much work should we anticipate?  Around an hour daily, with additional time reading of course :)

Imagine Learning

how to setup 

Will my child need to log on at any specific times each day? No, our goal is to provide learning activities that can be done in a way that works best for your child and your family's schedule.
  Why does my child need to join ClassDojo too? By using the portfolio section, we can view assignments created by our teacher and share text, pictures, video repsonses or drawings to demonstrate our learning and recieve feedback.
  Imagine learning and imagine math, are those included in daily activities?

Those programs are wonderful ways to get in additional practice. We encourage kids to use them, but will not necessarily make that a required part of daily learning... instead, find a way to work time for these programs into your daily or weekly schedule. their logins are the same for both programs. Student ID number and password 1234


English   Spanish 

What is Raz-Kids?

Raz-kids is an online reading program where students can access books at their reading level.  Teachers will be able to assign books for students to read, and listen to the student's reading to be able to provide support and instruction. username is your child's first name, password is their student ID number

  Tech support for borrowed devices