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The Imagine Neighborhood

The Imagine Neighborhood is a podcast designed to help children and grown-ups grow their social-emotional skills.

What is social-emotional learning?

You may have heard of social-emotional learning, or SEL, in the same context with emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and 'people skills.' And we all know that these are important. 

SEL is a way that we can build up those skills and learn how to manage big emotions, build relationships and empathy, and solve problems. These are just a few of the social-emotional skills that can help kids and grown-ups communicate better, manage their conflicts, and solve problems together. ​​

How does the show work? 

In The Imagine Neighborhood, we use stories, music, and activities to help kids and grown-ups talk about big feelings and solve problems together.​

No one gives a toddler a book and expects them to immediately know how to read. Reading is a skill that’s taught—the same is true with social and emotional skills like sharing, making friends, or empathizing with someone else’s feelings. And we give grown-ups extra tools, like activities and conversation starters, that match the topic of each show. 

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