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Extra Online Fun

Websites to enhance outside of learning board opportunites :)

Starfall: A learn-to-read site for young children

International Children's Digital Library- books in many languages

Barnes & Noble: eBooks read aloud by favorite authors

Games to practice literacy and math skills

National Geographic for Kids

PBS Kids: Educational games for children based on characters from PBS shows

PBS Lab: Every new technology is an opportunity for learning   Spanish

Fire Safety games from

Games with favorite characters to support learning in all subjects

Virtual manipulatives

Math games to target specific skills

Math Challenges K-5

Spelling City
Storyline Safety

Money Confident Kids (www.moneyconfidentkids/JA) provides direct access to The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, a free online game and mobile app created by Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online. 
Players learn about important financial concepts through games and activities.

iPad and iPhone Apps

  • Teach my monster to read
  • Glow draw (practice writing sight words with this one)
  • Mirror draw (explore symmetry)
  • Bugs and Buttons 
  • Simple physics: develops problem solving skills
  • Bugsy Kindergarten Math