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What can you do to help your children protect themselves from bullies? 

  • Encourage your children to tell you, a teacher, a counselor, or another adult when they are having trouble. 
  • Look for signs such as: fear of going to school, lack of friends, missing belongings, torn clothing, increased anxiety, or increased fearfulness. 
  • Encourage your child to report incidents of bullying. 
  • Try to arrange positive social groups and social interactions. 
  • Discuss the following defensive strategies with you children: 
    • Self-affirmation. 
    • Self-assertion. 
    • Humor. 
    • Ask for help. 
  • Ask the school or parent organizations to sponsor safety & conflict resolution workshops as well as peer mediation programs. 
  • Let your school know your safety worries. Talk with your child's teacher or school counselor. 

What can you do if your child is aggressive or bullies others? 

  • Discuss the negative impact bullying has on its victims. 
  • Discuss an effective, non-violent, consequence with your child. 
  • Increase your supervision of your child's activities and friends. 
  • Praise the efforts your child makes towards non-violent and responsible behavior. 
  • Make sure your child is not seeing violence among their family members or friends. 
  • Be aware of your tone and message toward your child. Be firm and clear but avoid undue criticism. 
  • Seek help from a teacher, school counselor, or school psychologist if you would like help in working with your child.