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5th Grade

children in circle looking down at the camera

Welcome to 5th Grade!


Remote Learning Update: 3/30/2020

Wow! What a whirlwind it has been. I know that this is a time where all of us are feeling a lot of different things, and these next few weeks are going to be a little weird for all of us. More than anything, we are so excited to see everyone and begin supporting all of you and your families again moving forward. Over the next few weeks we are going to experiment with many different things and some will work and some will not. But, we are in this together and when it is all said and done, hopefully we can all come out a little stronger, smarter and more prepared for the world in front of us.  Check below for some updates on where to find things and how to participate!

Google Classroom

ALL of our remote learning will take place in and through our Google Classroom. The students in our classrooms are VERY familiar with Google Classroom and how it works. We encourage you to look over it and familiarize yourself with it. This is where all assignments, grades, and feedback will be posted for the next few weeks. This will be the MOST important website for all of us and our starting point for every single day, week and assignment. 


We are still waiting to hear from the district how all final grading will be communicated via Infinite Campus, etc. 

For now, all work for the week will be assigned on Monday via Google Classroom. We will be providing feedback as work is submitted to us through the week. We will be discussing this with students via 1 on 1 conferencing, or through comments/feedback protocols within Google Classroom or the other sites linked for assignments. Feedback for everything will be available by Sunday evening at the latest (for anything submitted by end of day Friday)

Google Meet

This is where all digital meetings will take place. We have put a survey on Google Classroom for each student to fill out so that we may establish a one-on-one meeting for 20 minutes at least once a week. Please make sure your child has completed it by Friday 4/3.  I also will be holding digital office hours on this website for two hours each day/other times needed. Please e-mail us if you'd like to set up a conference or meeting about ANYTHING at all that we can support you in as we navigate this strange new world. We will post a schedule here and on Google Classroom next week. 


We know that this is going to be strange, difficult, and new for all of us! We are here to help with anything and everything you may need. Just let me know. Just in case, here are our emails in VERY LARGE text.