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4th Grade

Mount Batur - Volcano in Indonesia

4th Grade


Welcome fourth grade families!  We are so excited to have you “here” at STEM Launch!

A Little Bit About Us . . .

Ms. Calus and Mr. Calus have been teaching 4th grade at STEM Launch since it opened in the fall of 2012.  Prior to that, they were both fourth grade teachers at Federal Heights.  Mr. and Mrs. Calus have two daughters.  Both of them attend STEM Launch.  Mr. Calus loves to spend his free time golfing.  Mrs. Calus loves to read and craft.

Ms. Challman came to STEM Launch in 2016 as a student teacher in 5th grade.  We were lucky enough to keep her on staff as a 5th grade teacher.  She moved to the 4th grade team in the fall of 2018.   Ms. Challman has a puppy named June that is 2 year old and 2 cats named Mala Suerte and Charlie.  Ms. Challman is engaged and currenlty planning a wedding. 

Ms. Hovinen in new to STEM Launch this year.  She is a recent graduate of CU Boulder.  Her parents are both teachers.  She has six cats named Ziggy, Devo, Stevie, Freddie, Echo and Chichi.  She loves to cook and hike.  

Email may be the easiest way to contact us.  However, we are happy to set up a phone or video call to discuss any questions or concerns.  

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