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4th Grade

Mount Batur - Volcano in Indonesia

April 1st- Online Learning Begins

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

We are so excited that you decided to join us at STEM Launch.  We have a lot of very exciting stuff going on this year.  


As you are well aware students will be required to wear uniforms every day.  We prefer the students to wear the polo shirt instead of t-shirts on any field trips or special activities.  We will let you know in advance when these days will be. 


Homework is intended to be practice.  It will be based on the lessons taught each day.   Every once in a while we will send home homework which the students will be asked to try something new. When we do so all we ask is that the students try their hardest and give their best thinking.  Homework is not intended to cause stress. If they are struggling have them bring it back the next day and make sure they tell us about their struggles so we can help. We never want you to spend the entire night trying to solve a math problem.  

The students will typically have math and reading homework Monday through Thursday.  We try not to send homework home on Fridays. We like to enjoy the weekend with our families and we would like you to have the chance to do the same.    

Online Learning

In addition to paperwork homework, students will need to access two computer programs from home.  For math we will use Think Through Math. In reading we will use Imagine Literacy. If your student does not have computer and internet access while away from school please talk with us and we will see if we can find an alternative solution.  


Each student will receive a planner on the first day of school.  They are expected to use this every day to communicate between school and home as well as keep track of their homework and events.  If the planner is lost during the year, they will be required to purchase a new one from the school.  


We have a long day of learning!  The students are welcome to bring a healthy snack to enjoy during the day.  Please make sure it is something simple and easy to eat. Carrots, apples, grapes, celery, and pretzels are all examples of good snack choices. 

Drop Off and Pick Up

The fourth grade meeting area will be around the back of the building.  At the end of the day students will be released from the same door. For the first weeks we will escort kids to the pickup lane as well.  


The students will have a locker to keep their backpack and jacket.  Please do not send personal items to school. The lockers will be shared with another student in the classroom.  Only those two students will have the combination to the lock.    


You can access our webpage from a link on the main STEM web page. We will try our best to keep it updated with current events and links to the curriculum.  All newsletters will be posted on our website.  

We look forward to an exciting year working with and learning from your students.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns.

Cory Calus

Rachel Calus

Rachel Challman

Felicia Evans