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Paying for College

CollegeInColorado Tips

  •   Think small first: look at the college or university you are planning on attending, businesses, corporations, or churches. 
  •   Remember to report any scholarship awards as it may change the financial package awards. 
  •   Search scholarship websites and search engines. 
  •   Be sure to fill out FAFSA application.  Opens Jan. 1st of every year. 
    • Many scholarships require FAFSA application to be filled out.
      • The FAFSA form is filled out as a senior in high school.  

Colorado Asset

  •   This website has information about Colorado ASSET, which allows eligible students without documentation to pay in-state, rather than out-of-          state tuition, as well as receive the College Opportunity Fund stipend at Colorado public colleges.

  •   This site will help undocumented students and families, along with the professionals assisting them, to understand and take advantage of ASSET.   The site also provides resources for career, college and financial aid planning through

Helpful Websites

Local scholarship opportunities:

  •    Parents’ businesses or club affiliations
  •    Religious Affiliation
  •    Local Businesses
  •    Personal Clubs & areas of interest

College/University Websites

  •    Many offer their own merit-based scholarships. Typically found under Financial Aid or Scholarships.
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